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Choosing the Right IVA Insolvency Practitioner

When attempting to find the right insolvency practioner for your needs, it is very important that you don't delay the process. It's not the most inspiring task in the world, but stalling is only going to make it worse. By waiting until the last moment, you won't have enough time to really think about the insolvency services you need, nor will you allow the practitioner you do settle on eventually an adequate amount of time to prepare your case.

Consider Your Personal Needs

Think about your exact requirements. Insolvency practitioners will always provide a common variety of services. But some practitioners are trained specialists in certain areas -- meaning that you're likely to find services more exclusively suited to your needs (with the patience to actually look). These areas of expertise will commonly include corporate insolvencies, bankruptcies and turnarounds.

Ask for Professional Advice

Ask around, value the advice handed to you by legal professionals in other areas. If you are in a position to gain advice from a business accountant concerning the best insolvency practitioner for your needs, you might benefit from listening. Ask yourself who might have some experience or extensive knowledge in the matter.

Have a Look at Local Court Panels

Carry out a little court panel-based research. Which practitioners can you find on your local insolvency court panels? The guys on these panels are generally reputable and respected insolvency practitioners with a wealth of court experience. Try to find the names of practitioner's local insolvency court's debtor too.

Look for Full, Personalized Service

Make sure that the practitioner you settle for can offer you what you need when it comes to full, personalized service. The most reliable practitioners will usually present you with supporting information which works to say something about the services you are paying for. It should also be noted that full service at appropriate levels is a good sign in this business and should be looked out for.


Do I Qualify?

By answering a few simple questions, our calculator will see if you can qualify to write off your unaffordable unsecured debts.

Be free from the pressure of debt!

An IVA only lasts for 60 months (5 Years). As long as you keep up repayments any unnafordable unsecured debts are written off.
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Debt Solutions Subject to conditions and acceptance. Credit rating may be affected. Repaying debt over longer period may increase the total amount to be repaid. Fees payable if continuing services provided. Alternative free-to-consumer debt advice organisations as recommended by the Money Advice Service. Call charges may apply if calling from a mobile. *You may be required to pay a contribution towards your debts. This contribution is assessed based on your income and expenditure and can last for 60 months or longer.